Lombardstreet Ventures: new strategic partner and new headquarters for ART-ER’s hub

A collaboration to strengthen ART-ER’s hub presence in Silicon Valley and to set off new activities and programs in support of the internationalization of the innovation ecosystem of the Emilia-Romagna region in the Bay Area.

Lombardstreet Ventures, a business that has been active in the United States for a number of years, relies on a network of strategic relationships that are also complementary to ART-ER’s, and that enable the growth of development opportunities for our regional ecosystem in all of North America.

A change of pace made even more pressing by this special historic moment, marked by intense instability and uncertainty and that urges a boost in innovation and a stronger rooting of the Emilia-Romagna ecosystem in the area.

With this new collaboration, ART-ER will be part of the Silicon Valley Italian Hub created by LombardStreet last May to introduce the culture and mindset of the world’s most famous innovation cluster to the Italian ecosystem.

The new base will be in Menlo Park, in a large space half way between Facebook headquarters and Stanford university.