Corporate Innovation Program

Open Innovation and Corporate Innovation program for companies belonging to the Mentor Board of ART-ER and Clust-ER.

Target: Corporate and Cluster

Immersive program in Silicon Valley aimed at companies that are part of the Mentor Board, the coaching and tutoring service offered to startups supported by ART-ER within the Accelerator "Le Serre di ART-ER" in Bologna and to Clust-ER regional representatives, which are associations created to encourage innovation in strategic production chains for Emilia-Romagna.

The program allowed participants to explore and learn about the best practices in Silicon Valley on the topics of Open Innovation and Corporate Innovation: how companies introduce innovation processes internally through collaboration with startups, accelerators and universities. During the process, meetings were organized with the heads of the Open Innovation Departments of Accenture Ventures, Silicon Foundry, Airbus Ventures, Lenovo Innovations, UC Berkeley, Stanford University, to transfer methodology and methods to strengthen those strategies.

Numbers and results:

  • 1 edition in 2019
  • 5 corporates + 4 clusters

Other programs

icon Bridging Innovation Program - Philadelphia

Bridging Innovation Program - Philadelphia

The 2022 edition of the Bridging Innovation Program - Gene&Cell Therapy - involved the Philadelphia hub, a leader in the advanced therapies sector. It has been a path dedicated to startups, companies and research centers in Emilia-Romagna subscribed to ClustER Health, to encourage them to get closer to the Philadelphia ecosystem and to expand relationships and mutual exchanges.

icon Bridging Innovation Program - Boston

Bridging Innovation Program - Boston

The Bridging Innovation Program - Digital Health - Boston 2021 is a path dedicated to startups, companies and research centers in Emilia-Romagna to encourage the approach to the Boston ecosystem in the field of application of Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in the health sector and Digital Health.

icon Business match

Business match

Program to connect companies with Corporate Investors and possible partners or buyers in Silicon Valley.

icon Mindset Program

Mindset Program

Introduction program to the innovation ecosystem, for the opening of the first contacts and the definition of a new business model for innovative startups in the region.

icon International Accelerator Program

International Accelerator Program

Acceleration program aimed at four innovative companies in the region lasting three months within the Plug and Play Tech Center.

icon Incoming Program

Incoming Program

Program aimed at twenty-two regional innovative companies that had the opportunity to meet ten investors from Silicon Valley in Bologna.

icon Incubator Program

Incubator Program

Program aimed at incubators in Emilia-Romagna with the aim of transferring working methods and business models of similar structures operating in Silicon Valley.